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Make Your Beauty Routine Easy With Semi-Permanent Makeup in Hudson Valley, and New York City, NY

Maria from My Flawless Ego is here to help you! With years of experience in the beauty world, certified artist Maria Bernhardt offers the finest semi-permanent makeup in Hudson Valley, NY. She offers services designed to empower her clients. Contact Maria to learn more.

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Services Offered

Enhancing Your Beauty.

Custom Blended Color

With a passion for making customers happy, Maria puts effort into listening to you and giving you the exact result you’re looking for. In addition to offering semi-eyebrow tattooing, she can provide you with tips for keeping your eyebrows well-formed and healthy.

Natural-Looking Results

Maria utilizes state-of-the-art techniques, such as using ink specifically made for temporary makeup. This method creates an illusion of natural hair, from individual hair strokes to full hair.

Safe and FDA-Approved Products

Sanitation is important for Maria and her customers. Furthermore, she uses FDA-approved inks, so you can have peace of mind that you’re in the best hands.

Custom Blended Color

Creates couture eyebrows according to the client’s face shape. Maria prepares a specific blend that will give the client the most natural look. She uses high-quality ink and mixes colors. Maria uses specific tools in combination with ink to create the illusion of natural hair from individual hair strokes to full hair. Sanitation is 100% important and sanitary materials will always be used.

Get in touch with Maria at (845) 531-8308 to learn more about the services offered and the products used.

Get in touch with Maria at (657) 210-1115 to learn more about the services offered and products used.
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